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 Mission Objectives

The Mission objectives are as follows:

(i) Increasing the reach of farm mechanization to small and marginal farmers and to the regions where availability of farm power is low;

(ii) Promoting ‘Custom Hiring Centres’ to offset the adverse economies of scale arising due to small landholding and high cost of individual ownership;

(iii) Creating hubs for hi-tech & high value farm equipments;

(iv) Creating awareness among stakeholders through demonstration and capacity building activities;

Mission Components

1.1 Promotion and Strengthening of Agricultural Mechanization through Training, Testing and Demonstration: Aims to ensure performance testing of agricultural machinery and equipment, capacity building of farmers & end users and promoting farm mechanization through demonstrations.

1.2 Demonstration, Training and Distribution of Post-Harvest Technology and Management (PHTM): Aims at popularizing technology for primary processing, value addition, low cost scientific storage/transport and the crop by-product management through demonstrations, capacity building of farmers and end users. Provide financial assistance for establishing PHT units.

1.3 Financial Assistance for Procurement of Agriculture Machinery and Equipment: Promotes ownership of various agricultural machinery & equipments as per norms of assistance.

1.4 Establish Farm Machinery Banks for Custom Hiring: Provides financial assistance to establish Farm Machinery Banks for Custom Hiring for appropriate locations and crops.

1.5 Establish Hi-Tech, High Productive Equipment Hub for Custom Hiring: Provides financial assistance to set up hi-tech machinery hubs for high value crops .