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Vegetable Cultivation under Protected Cultivation-MIDH/ Capex

Protected cultivation is a process of growing crops in a controlled environment. This means that the temperature, humidity, light and such other factors can be regulated as per requirement of the crop. This assists in a healthier and a larger produce. There are various types of protected cultivation practices. Some of the commonly used practices are — forced ventilated greenhouse, naturally ventilated polyhouse, insectproof net house, shade net house, plastic tunnel and mulching, raised beds, trellising and drip irrigation. These practices can be used independently or in combination, to provide favourable environment to save plants from harsh climate and extend the duration of cultivation or off-season crop production. Adoption of drip irrigation under raised beds (you will read about it in Unit 4) covered with mulch films not only eradicates weeds but also maintains moisture in the soil for a prolonged period by minimising evaporation losses.


Hi Tech Poly House- (with Pad & Fan)


50% cost of  Rs.1650/ Sq.m