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Integrated Poultry Development Programme

Subject: Operational guidelines of Integrated Poultry Development programme

ii)The support by the department in terms of incentives / subsidy will be available

for the following:-

a)           Establishment of new commercial broiler farm/layer farm/free range LIT layer Farm/other poultry birds.

b)         Insurance of broiler poultry birds(D.O.C's)

c)         Establishment of Poultry Dressing and Processing unit

d)            Poultry Farm equipments/accessories.

            iii)The scheme shall be  implemented through Animal Husbandry Department Jammu/ Kashmir    and monitored by committee constituted by the Administrative Department for the purpose.

iv) Mode of operation:

i. Any individual /group of individuals/Poultry Farm unit holders/Poultry retail units /SHG’s/ Poultry Cooperatives/ farmers producer organization can avail the benefits of scheme as per the eligibility mentioned in Annexure "A".

ii. Poultry farmers availing the benefit shall be registered with AHD as per the provisions laid in J&K poultry policy 2020.


iii. Efforts will  be   made to  cover 20% SC/ST and 10%   women beneficiaries.

iV. The component wise details of benefits and subsidy available are provided at“Annexure A".














Poultry Farmers availing the benefit shall be registered with Anima\ Husbandry Department as per the provisions laid in Jammu & Kashmir poultry policy 2020.

v. The beneficiary can purchase equipments/ machinery from any registered company/ authorized dealer/ distributer/ sole manufacturer within or outside Union Territory of JK in accordance with minimum standard specifications in vogue as issued by the department or any  central  government  institute.  However, the rates shall be as per the company rate list or less.The dealer /supplier should either be an original manufacturer or the authorized dealer and in no case procurement from an unauthorized dealer or sub-letting shall be acceptable.

vi.The machinery/equipment should be certified as per requisite safety / quality standards and subsidy shall be released as fixed per unit by the department regardless of prices as long as specifications prescribed are met.

vii. The beneficiary can avail insurance facility from any insurance company registered with Insurance regulatory and Development Authority of India, however, Animal Husbandry Department shall bear no responsibility for settlement of claims or any dispute with insurance company.

viii. Interested beneficiaries will submit their applications in the format AHD-1 to District Level Technical Committee (DLTC) headed by Chief Animal Husbandry Officer. The DLTC with the signature of CAHO after due scrutiny shall submit the case of eligible beneficiaries to the respective  Directorate of Animal Husbandry within 15 days from the receipt of the application.

ix. All the required documents as per the checklist and a brief business plan,indicating the site of installation/purpose/supply chain if any shall be enclosed with application.. Subsidy shall be extended on first come first serve basis subject to availablity of funds.

x. For establishing the poultry farm(broiler,layer,parent stock,LIT or other poultry) the beneficiary shall own the required land on which the farm will be established. The applicant shall submit the geotagged images of the site along with the application to DLTC. In case of creation of infrastructure, the applicant shall take the geo tagged photographs before establishing the unit, during establishment of unit and after establishing the unit and submit same to DLTC for release of subsidy.

Xi. Once beneficiary has procured the equipment or established/ commissioned a unit, total eligible subsidy amount or of maximum ceiling, whichever is less, shall be released upon submission of invoice wherever applicable and after physical verification by DLTC.

Xii. Such verification will be carried out within 15 days of the submission of invoice and intimation that the unit has been established or equipment has been procured.

Xiii. There will not be delay of more than 30 days in release of subsidy once the beneficiary has submitted the required documentation.

Xiv. Release of subsidy will be only through DBT.

xv. The beneficiary can opt for loan facility by depositing 10% margin money and 50% subsidy shall be provided as back ended with defined lock in period as per RBI guidelines and terms and conditions of different commercial banks.

xvi. in case beneficiary avails bank loan for purpose of the equipment or establishing a unit, CAHO shall forward the proforma bill/approved estimates along with copy of application of beneficiary and a letter to bank. The bank shall follow all RBI guidelines for sanctioning of such loan. After receipt of NOC from bank, CAHO shall submit the case to respective Directorate for approval. 

xvii. All clarifications issued by this Department regarding implementation of the scheme are applicable to these guidelines and any condition of these guidelines can be modified/ altered at any given point of time to ensure transparency and adherence to the objectives of the scheme.

xviii. The Administrative Department will constitute a committee for monitoring the implementation and impact of the program.

xx. The Director Animal Husbandry Kashmir/Jammu shall draft a uniform SOP for beneficiaries which shall include checklist, all procedures involved for applying under different components of scheme. They shall also submit list of beneficiaries with address/phone number and geo tagged photographs of the newly established units along with beneficiary and month-wise physical/financial achievements of the scheme to the Administrative Department. The same details shall be uploaded on official website of AHD J&K on regular basis.