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Establishing Mushroom Cultivation & Bee Keeping Units.

In the larger perspective, sustainability of agriculture sector is to a large extent directly proportional to a strong agri based small scale cottage industries (like Apiculture or Honey production, Mushroom Cultivation etc) in the rural areas of the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir and Agriculture Production and Farmer’s Welfare Department is committed to promote these agri based small scale industries in Kashmir valley. During current financial year emphasis has been given to promote the Apiculture Industry in the district with native breed “Apis cerana indica” which has adapted to the local conditions and is available during the blooming period of apple and can play a vital role in increasing fruit setting of the orchards which is otherwise a holistic problem in the district. Emphasis has also been given to the promotion of Mushroom Industry in the district as there are certain pockets where the industry can flourish at a time due to feasible environmental conditions when such favourable conditions are not present in other parts of the valley.