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Establishment of sheep units under Integrated Sheep Development Scheme

A)     Establishment of sheep/goat units on participatory mode (25 ewes/does).


Ø  An innovative and self-sustaining scheme.

Ø  Non bankable.

Ø  Livestock initially issued free of cost.

Ø  Retrieval of equivalent livestock (Given to the beneficiary) from female progeny in phased manner from 3rd year.

Ø  From 3rd year of establishment, 5 or 2 ewes/does (in case of 25 and 10 sheep / goat units respectively as the case may be) shall be retrieved from each breeder for next five years.

Ø  Retrieved livestock shall be utilized for establishment of fresh units.

Note:- The scheme is subjected to the availability of funds. As of now the scheme is not available due to non availability of funds.