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Goverment of India (GOI) has launched a new umbrella scheme under the name "Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana" (PMMSY) covering all the aspects of fish production and productivity, post harvest infrastructure and strengthening of value chain, establishing a robust Fisheries Management Framework and Fisher's Welfare. It is an initiative launched by the Government of India to establish a comprehensive framework and reduce infrastructual gapes in the Fisheries Sector. The Goverment of India intends to place India in the 1st place in Fish Production and processing by implementing Neeli Kranti (Blue Revolution). The Scheme is in line with State/UT governments aim to double the farmers income. The policy envisages to integrate all the fishermen/fish farmers with agricultural farmers and provide all the facilities available through various farmer welfare schemes to the fishermen/ fish farmers. A new dedicated department of Fisheries was constituted in a newly carved out Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying to implement this and other policy initiatives of the government. 


Government Assistance: 40%

Beneficiary Share:          60%

    Components Covered under PMMSY Scheme:

1. Construction of Carp Pond:

    Land Requirement:                                                       Minimum 03 Kanals. 

    Water Source:                                                               Perennial 

    Unit Cost for Construction:                                           Rs. 1.26 lacs. 

    Input Cost i.e Feed/Seed/Equipments:                          Rs. 0.60 lac. 

2. Construction of Trout Unit (Minimum 50 Cubic meter):

    Land Requirement:                                                        Minimum 1/2 Kanals. 

    Water Source:                                                                Perennial, Cold Crystal clear. 

    Unit Cost for Construction:                                            Rs. 3.00 lacs./ Unit. 

    Input Cost i.e Feed/Seed/Equipments:                           Rs. 2.50 lac/Unit. 

3. Establishment of Trout Fish Hatchery (with minimum capacity of 10 lac. fry/year or 15 lac. Eyed ova of Trout):

     Land:                             As per equirement. 

     Water Source:               Perennial, Cold Crystal clear, Preference Spring Source. 

     Unit Cost:                      Rs. 50.00 lacs. 

4. Establishment of RAS/ Medium RAS (Recirculting Aquaculture System) for Cold Water Fishes with 10/04 Tanks of Minimum 50 Cubic Meter/Tank Capacity for Fish Production     Capacity of 10/04 Tonns/Crop:

      Land:                             As per equirement. 

     Water Source:               Perennial.

     Unit Cost:                      Rs. 50.00 lac./ RAS Unit. 

                                           Rs. 20.00 lac./ Medium RAS Unit. 

5. Mini Trout Feed Mill with Production Capacity of 02 Tonn/Day: 

    Land:                             As per equirement. 

    Unit Cost:                     Rs. 30.00 lac. 

6. Establishment of Biofloc Aquaculture system (7 tanks of 4m dia and 1.5m height): 

     Land:                             As per equirement. 

     Water Source:               Perennial. 

     Unit Cost:                       Rs. 7.50 lac. 

7. Insurance to Fishers: 

 All the active registered Fishermen/Fish Farmers are covered for Insurance Cover of Rs. 5.00 lac. against death/ permanent disability, Rs. 2.50 lac. against permanent partial disability and Rs.   0.20 lac against accidental hospitalization.

8. Facility for KCC (Kissan Credit Cards): 

    Under the scheme Fish Farmers can avail the credit for working capital. Fish Farmers having KCC under agriculture or allied sector can get KCC limit extended for fisheries activities.